VR Party: Take 'Quality Time' to the Next Level

Host a VR-themed party like they've never experienced.

Party Perks

Enjoy your customized party with crazy benefits, an extended gameplay time, and around lip-smacking snacks and drinks.

6 Gaming Stations

Party for up to 2Hrs

Drinks & Pizza

Party options for your needs

Elevate your party game with our customizable VR party options. Designed to suit your unique needs whatever the occasion.

Regular Party

Looking for a birthday party that’s anything but ordinary? Our Regular VR Party package is packed with all you need!

Arena Party

Embark on an unforgettable journey of limitless excitement, wonder, and zero restrictions with our Arena Party package.

Premium Party

Get lost in a world of excitement, with immersive experiences that you and your friends will never forget with a Premium Party

Private Party

Great for general ceremonies including weddings, sports festivals, quinceanera, bamitsfa, corporate parties, awards, etc.

Play and Party in Your Style

Choose and play from a wide category of over 75 VR games. Single-player, multi-player, escape room, free play, you name it.

Benefits of the party

Choose from our huge VR Games Catalog

Your experience just got way better with our vast catalog of games. Make a selection and begin your unique and fun-filled party.

Food, Snacks, and Drinks available to order.

Because all our locations are in the center of recreational centers, we’re surrounded by mouth-watering food, drinks, and snacks that can be ordered from our location’s website to keep your energy up and pumping for your VR party.

Just the way you like it. See our bar menu

And here’s what our happy customers have to say

Whether you visit alone or with friends and family, we always aim to
make every minute you spend with us enjoyable.

Make this maximum fun with our Weekly Social Event

Looking for a fun and active way to unwind on the weekends? Our Social Events feature heart-pumping VR games, DJs, karaoke, and more to enjoy with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to play?
We recommend for people over 7 years old, the games require reading, so for the player to be able to start the games, they need to know the minimum reading, also the equipment can be heavy for small children, and difficult to use the controls with small hands.
How are stations sanitized?
With each player change the headset are sterilized with antivirus and bacteria products, the face pads are also changed with each change, we do not recommend sharing a station, but if this is done we will charge an extra cleaning fee.
We need reservation, walk-in are welcome?
We recommend making reservations to guarantee stations at the time you want, we have 10 stations, and 8 are available for reservation, two extra stations are available in case you need to change players due to technical problems, but if we have vacant stations they can be filled with people who are not There are reservations, weekends are always full, so if you want to come on a Saturday or Sunday, you better make your reservation in advance.
Where is it located?

Edgewater Public Market (coming soon) - 5505 W 20th Ave, Edgewater, mezzanine, second
floor, private entrance also from the street.

Does VR cause motion sickness?
Some people who already have motion sickness don't recommend VR, or we recommend of session in games that don't require a lot of movement, like Escape Rooms
How much is VR PARTY?
Yes! Occasionally, we offer discount codes on our website, and on our TikTok Account. These codes are usually available to redeem during the weekdays for VR Party.
What is included in VR Party?
VR Party is 6 VR stations, with more than 100 different games, multiplayer and single-player, + escape room. It's 90 minutes of party + 30 minutes for cake. You can add extra stations ($50.00/extra station) or share bracelets $10.00 (each).

Host a Party Like Never Before

Got more question? See our FAQ page for answers.
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