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Immerse yourself in virtual reality and explore new worlds today!

Why VR FREE Play?

You can become a hero, puzzle master, or save the planet with our engaging Free Play VR games. Experience a unique type of real-life fun just you, or with the perfect team.

Single & Multi Players

Over 75 Games to Choose

30min - 2hrs Gameplay

Perfect for Get-togethers

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Whether you visit alone or with friends and family, we always aim to make
every minute you spend with us enjoyable.
Our Games Library

Meet Some of Our Most Played VR Free Play Games

Experience new worlds with the freedom to create your reality just how you want it. Our VR Free Play games catalog is designed around engaging and exciting themes, all for you.
Audio Trap
Art Plunge
Loco Dojo
Pistol Whip
Tennis Kings VR
Space Private Trainer
Art Plunge
Loco Dojo
Pistol Whip
Tennis Kings VR

Make this maximum fun with our Weekly Social Event

Looking for a fun and active way to unwind on the weekends? Our Social Events feature heart-pumping VR games, DJs, karaoke, and more to enjoy with your friends and family.

Take a peek inside our VR Bar

Only your imagination can limit the fun our VR arcade bar offers. Enjoy games, date nights, get together, birthday parties, events, and celebrations with maximum entertainment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is VR Free Play?
VR Free Play is a catalog of games you can choose from — strategy games, educational, experiences, shooting, music, and many others. In the catalog, there is a variety of more than 100 games of which you can switch games at any time.
How long is each game?
The game time is up to you to determine. If you are tired of the game you can change it at any time by pressing the menu button on your controller, and then you will be free to choose another game.
Can I play with someone else?
Yes. In our VR multiplayer session, you can see how many people can join your game, communicate with people next to you, or interact with your friend. Most games require you to create a session and then you can say what your session name is. This will allow the people you want to play with to join the game with you. We have people to help if you have questions.
How many games can i play?
The sessions are for minutes, for example, you have 30 minutes to play what you want and change as many times as you want in that time. But we recommend spending at least 10 minutes on each game, so you don't waste time just looking through the game catalog.
Are all the games multiplayer?
No, we have single-player games too.
How many people can play together?
This depends on each game. For instance, Propagation Top Squad is a zombie game that accommodates up to 8 people.
What games do you have?
We have a catalog of more than 100 games. Strategy games, music, shooting, competition, sports, education, and many VR experiences.
Can I use my time to play free roam or racing simulator VR?
No, they are separate sessions and prices. You can add this experience without reservation after your session ends.

Start Creating Your Own Reality

Got more question? See our FAQ page for answers.
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