Escape Room - Your VR Speed Challenge

Do you have what it takes to be a puzzle speedster? Then beat the Games Master and escape before the clock runs out.

Some Escape Room Games to Play:

From pictures to patterns and numbers to shapes, these games will put your IQ to the test and have you creating your way out.

Why VR Escape Room?

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Can you escape in time and make every tick count?

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Whether you visit alone or with friends and family, we always aim to make every minute you spend with us enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the VR Escape Room work? Are we in a separate room?

No, our escape room is in virtual reality, using VR you will be teleported to a different virtual environment. You will not see people around you, only your friends who will be playing with you in avatar bodies.

With Escape Room, you will have 1 hour to complete. You will use controls to teleport in the game, no need to walk. This is an option for wheelchair users too.

How long is the game?
Your group has 1 hour to escape. If you have more experience, we recommend a hard-level game so you don't complete the game in 30 min.
If I finish in 30 minutes can I complete my game hour on free play or something?
No, the sessions are paid per escape game. The time you complete is up to you, if you have easy games we recommend taking a harder level.

Experience the Ultimate Brain Teaser.

Got more question? See our FAQ page for Answers.
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