Get into over 100 movies in VR Motion Simulator 9D

Get ready to be transported to another world with our 9D Cinema. Experience real-time sound and dynamic seat movements for the ultimate thrill.

Dynamic Seats

Rich Effects

4 - 8 Mins Long

Starts: $5

Age: 5yrs+

Movies & Games

Discover a new realm of entertainment with our immersive VR 9D Cinema games and movies. Let the adventure begin!

Fully Dynamic Seats

Take your VR experience to the next level and enjoy a thrilling ride that gets you fully immersed in the virtual world with realistic movements and special effects that bring the action to life.

Benefits for you

Transform your movie-watching experience with Motion Simulator 9D, and enjoy a range of fun and healthy benefits.

And hereโ€™s what our happy customers have to say...

Whether you visit alone or with friends and family, we always aim to make every minute you spend with us enjoyable.

Make this maximum fun with our Weekly Social Event

Looking for a fun and active way to unwind on the weekends? Our Social Events feature heart-pumping VR games, DJs, karaoke, and more to enjoy with your friends and family.

Take a Peek Inside Our Motion Simulator 9D Experience

Only your imagination can limit the fun our VR arcade offers. Enjoy games, date nights, get together, birthday parties, events, and celebrations with maximum entertainment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our VR 9D Cinema seats can allow up to 4 players to enjoy at the same time.
We have a collection of over 100 games and movies that you can experience immersively with our VR 9D Cinema offering.
No, you cannot! You will have to book time for VR 9D Cinema specially.

Feel the Action with VR 9D Cinema

Got more questions? See our FAQ page for answers.
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