The Ultimate

Team Building

We create
Virtual Teamwork.

Impactful Team Building

We can help you in hosting an impactful team building event where all the employees can enhance their bonding with other members of the team.

Invest in fun

Investing in team building events a great way to build bridges across different departments, and also helps in developing communication & establishing a fun culture.

Innovate Off-site

Most innovative business ideas don’t occur in office walls but in engaging team-building events. Team building is a great approach to make your business more productive as your employees will work better when they feel happy & valued

Stop. Collaborate
& Listen

Improve Communication

Whether its diffusing bombs or floating through time and space – communication is crucial. Accomplish bigger and better goals with your entire team by practicing valuable skills, like communication, in a virtual world.

Analyze Strengths

Leaders will rise as you encounter obstacles and challenges in your virtual reality games. Obtain a different perspective on your team and how they work together to solve any task at hand.

Accomplish Your Goals

Whether you are escaping one of our 60 minute virtual reality escape rooms or focused on having the best score on our Racing Experience, you are sure to leave with a medal under your team’s belt.

Make Lasting Memories

Come for fun, food, games, live music and even kareoke! Tacke different VR games or socialize with each of your team members over a cocktail. Either way, your team is almost guaranteed to be raving about your event at work the next day.

Budgeting made easy.

What’s Included

  • 1 Dedicated Team Building VR Host
  • 3 Hrs of VR Games
  • Snacks & Drinks available for purchase
  • 10 dedicated VR head sets
  • Rotation schedule for equal play time

VR escape games made for
team building

Experience an
extraordinary reality

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