Connection Centered

Social Events

Your Relationships.

Impactful Date Nights

We design our date nights around building better connections and improving communication in a fun, virtual reality environment.

Social Gathering Get Downs

Our facility is built to host the perfect parties for every gathering. From vr competition nights, to karaoke and vr escape rooms, there are so many adventures that await you and your friends.

Family Fun

We have vr games and activities built for the whole family! Turn forced family fun into something your kids can’t wait to do together as a family.

Total Fun
Had By All.

Large Facility to Handle Big Groups

Do you have an extra extended family? Are you a social butterfly and need lots of room to house all of your friends? Our facility was designed to provide unlimited virtual reality entertainment to all your friends and family.

Something New Everytime

We have a variety of virtual reality headsets, setups and rides to explore. Each time you visit us you can always try a new game or beat your best score from your last visit. Choice is yours!

Food & Drink Available

Our menu is jam-packed full of goodies, snacks and treats. Need pizza delivered? No problem. For our drinking friends out there, our fully stocked bar and beer tap is available for all your 21 and older friends.

Family Frenzy

Have every member play the same game or cater to each individual’s interest. Escape one of our various vr escape games or watch each other play fun musical challenges. So many choices, all guaranteed fun for the whole family of all ages!

Group Packages Available.

What’s Included

  • Private rooms available for rent
  • Pay as you play package
  • Snacks & Drinks available for purchase
  • Dedicated VR Head sets
  • Tutorials available for new-comers

Over 250+ games to choose from means guaranteed fun for everyone

Experience an
extraordinary reality

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