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Organize Special Corporate Events with Our VR Technology

 We offer the newest VR service, VR to GO. In this service, we bring Social VR to you, with our high-end equipment we can offer a cable-free experience in the location where you hire. Our service provides VR social events in various organizations. If youโ€™re planning for an event adding the uniqueness of virtual reality will be an amazing idea. 

VR to GO is the latest trend in virtual reality. The best thing about this technology is that you donโ€™t require purchasing VR headsets or any other equipment. Whether you organize the event at your workplace or any other outside area, we provide you every single VR equipment. This technology helps you play 3D animated games and get lost in an imaginary realm. 

Social virtual reality games can be an excellent way of developing team building in your employees. Our wide range of games offers you to play multiplayer games. In these games, the players feel stuck in the animated world and try to get out of it by solving the puzzles. However, they all have to communicate with each other to solve the puzzles efficiently. 

Thus, virtual reality corporate events are a great medium for making their bonds stronger. We offer 60+ amazing games to choose from. These all games give the players an immersive experience that no other ordinary game can offer. You can choose a game in which you are stuck in space and fight with aliens and many more other situations that are hard to experience in your real life. 

When you opt for VR corporate events, your employees get relief from their stressful lives and play games like they used to play in their childhood days. Itโ€™s a great way to decrease their stress and increase their motivation levels. In addition, playing games together and solving the puzzles improve their communication, and they get to know each other in a better way. 

Adding virtual reality games to corporate events can be beneficial for your business as well. Your employees will feel motivated after playing these problem-solving games and the same skills they will show in their work. In addition, games give them opportunities to have fun together and their relationships will be improved during office days. 

Boring corporate events donโ€™t add much to your productivity. However, adding some uniqueness and a punch of fun to your events can make them memorable. So, in your next event, try virtual reality technology and let your employees experience something they would never have imagined. These events will boost their playfulness and motivate them.

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Installation of our equipment

We take our equipment to where you have contracted the service. We work with a 30-minute set up time before the event and a 30-minute pick up time after the event, so everything is ready for your fun!

Installation Location

We work with installation within a 10-mile radius of VR Social. But don’t worry, if you are outside this region, we can still offer our services! Fill out the form for a quotation.

Virtual Reality Social

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