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Best Virtual Reality Experiences with Latest Technology

VR games have opened up a new world of endless excitement and opportunities. So, don’t get surprised if you find yourself flap your hands or walk around the room when you are playing. In addition, we offer the best virtual reality experience to all our customers who solve the puzzles and beat the challenges in our VR room.

Our VR games allow people to see places worldwide and outer space, from the South Pole to the Moon. In our VR games, you can stand on top of a building, shoot zombies, travel from one place to another, and even go to the peak of the mountain right from your playing room. We offer people to experience the world like they never have before. 

Our VR games are all about fun and adventure, plus we take you to a whole new dimension of gaming. We allow you to choose from multiple different missions of games. In addition, each game room has its own unique mission. Our VR games offer people a unique and unforgettable virtual reality experience and allow them to enjoy and connect in this fast-paced life.

You can also celebrate your birthday parties and other occasions with us. We give our players a truly immersive experience, and the player feels he is in the fame. We put our all efforts into making your day even more special. You can bring your buddies and enter the world of the realm together. Our team gives you the best virtual reality experience in Colorado.

Our virtual reality games offer you an opportunity to improve your gaming skills. In addition, we offer a wide range of games that you can experience with your friends and family and have fun to the fullest. From horror to ocean games, you can pick any to play with your team. 

Solving puzzles and challenges together will improve your bond with your friends and gives you the best virtual reality experience online. We have the latest games of 2021 that you can find nowhere else. These games are different from another ordinary video games because they give you an immersive VR gaming experience and let you see the things you would never have imagined.

Total fun had by all

Large facility to handle big groups

Do you have an extra extended family? Are you a social butterfly and need lots of room to house all of your friends? Our facility was designed to provide unlimited virtual reality entertainment to all your friends and family.

Something new every time

We have a variety of virtual reality headsets, setups, and rides to explore. Each time you visit us you can always try a new game or beat your best score from your last visit. The choice is yours!

Food & Drink available

We work with snacks and in addition, the Stanley Marketplace contains several food services! Whatever you want here, you will find it!

Family frenzy

Have every member play the same game or cater to each individual’s interest. Escape one of our various VR escape games or watch each other play fun musical challenges. So many choices, all guaranteed fun for the whole family of all ages!

Virtual Reality Social

Get into this adventure now!

Book now to enter this incredible adventure and live an authentic VR experience! For more information about Virtual Reality Social just click here.

VR Party – Plan
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  • 6 Stations
  • 90/min
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