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How does the VR Escape room work I see and talk to other people?
VR Escape is up to 6 players, most games have around 1 hour to finish, the group talks and sees itself within the game, each player needs a VR headset, the objective of the escape is to discover with the group how to finish the game.
What is the minimum age to play?
The recommended age is 8 years or older.
How does free play work?
The player stays in a station and in that station opens a catalog of games, the player can change the game at any time, and experience the more than 50 single player and multiplayer games.
What equipment is used?
Vive Pro glasses are connected to a gaming computer.
I never played VR, do you have a tutorial?
At the opening of each session we ask if the player needs to understand the controls and we offer tutorials for all customers. We have tutorials for the free play and Escapes Room.
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