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We have a structure ready to receive you and your friends to enjoy the many games available at VR social. We provide multiplayer and single-player experiences for your friends to laugh while watching you play horror games. With the help of virtual reality technology, we put every effort into making your events extraordinary. 

Traditional events are off-trend now. So, why not add the technology of virtual reality and make your event unique with 3D animation effects. In addition, we offer a wide range of services to make your experience more convenient and fun. 

If you want to enjoy virtual reality games at your place, we can do that, too. 

VR to go 

In this service, we bring our equipment and tools to your place and create a virtual reality arcade according to your preferences. You and your friends can play games and have fun wherever you want. Our high-end, off-cable equipment gives you a virtual reality experience online and you do not have to purchase any of the tools to play the games because we bring everything to you. 

Happy hour 

Add virtual reality to your events and let your friends experience something out of the box. Whether you want to play VR games with your childhood buddies or office friends, our service offers endless games to remember your childhood days. In addition, our happy hour service provides single-player as well as multiplayer VR games and escapes room games that let you experience a whole different world of animation. 

Team building 

Our multiplayer games offer an opportunity to improve your team-building skills. You can organize a virtual reality team event at our arcade and get to play many animated games with your squad. We offer a wide range of games where you can experience things that are impossible in the real world. From space games to ocean games, you can pick any to play with your team. 

Birthday events 

Birthdays are special occasions in which you get to spend time with your best buddies. However, why spend this special day the same as any ordinary day? VR arcade offers virtual reality escape room games to make your birthday even more special. You can bring your buddies to our arcade and enter a world of the realm together. 

Playing games, laughing and solving problems together will improve your friendship bond. The games you play here are available nowhere else. You can also get food and soft drinks so you donโ€™t miss anything. 

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