How about having the best birthday?

We offer our space for you, your family and friends to enjoy

We have a structure ready to receive you and your family and friends, enjoy the many games available at VR Social. Both multiplayer and single-player experiences for your friends to have a laugh while watching you play horror games!

Birthday parties are a big occasion to celebrate with your friends and family. If you want to make your birthday party thrilling and adventurous, a virtual reality birthday party is a great option. We give our players a truly immersive experience and the player feels they are in the fame.

Benefits of Organizing a Virtual Reality Birthday Party

Our VR birthday parties are celebrated in a fully immersive way with a wide range of games you can try with your friends and family. In addition, we provide unlimited entertainment.

At our virtual reality birthday parties, children see the world differently. Of course, the real world is already beautiful, but our virtual reality parties allow them to experience a different world. In VR games, they can stand on top of a building, shoot zombies, travel from one place to another, and go to the peak of the mountain, right from their playroom. VR helps their imagination come alive. Kids will love to be in a world they had only imagined. 

What Unique Experiences  We Offer?

When we say fun, there will be lots and lots of fun at our VR gaming birthday party. Our VR games have opened up a new world of limitless excitement and possibilities, allowing you to transform into anything and go anywhere simply by wearing a VR headset. Kids use their imagination to be the heroes of their own stories by saving the world from zombies or riding the world’s most thrilling rollercoaster. Our VR games help children experience the world like never before. 

Virtual reality games come with numerous themes. For example, some may like horror themes, and others may go for thriller games. Children find joy in solving challenging puzzles, finding clues, and breaking codes. In addition, our VR games allow you to team up with your friends and go to an imaginary world to find long, lost treasure and defeat the army of the dead. 

With unique games, we also offer catering services. So, celebrate your birthday with us in a fully immersive way and enjoy exciting games as well as delicious food simultaneously to make your birthday a memorable one. 

Total fun had by all

Large facility to handle big groups

Do you have an extra extended family? Are you a social butterfly and need lots of room to house all of your friends? Our facility was designed to provide unlimited virtual reality entertainment to all your friends and family.

Something new every time

We have a variety of virtual reality headsets, setups, and rides to explore. Each time you visit us you can always try a new game or beat your best score from your last visit. The choice is yours!

Food & Drink available

We work with snacks and in addition, the Stanley Marketplace contains several food services! Whatever you want here, you will find it!

Family frenzy

Have every member play the same game or cater to each individual’s interest. Escape one of our various VR escape games or watch each other play fun musical challenges. So many choices, all guaranteed fun for the whole family of all ages!

Virtual Reality Social

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