Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

It’s a new way to experience the world.

As we say, why go see a movie, when you can LIVE the movie? From fighting badguys in the medieval times, to escaping your rocket ship in a mission gone wrong in space, as soon as you put on the head gear, everywhere you look and hear is a new virtual world. Pick up objects, jump to platforms, solve puzzles, all while not having to move from your seat. With over 250+ games to choose from, imagine what new worlds and challenges await you to experience.

Our Gear

VR Head Sets

Our VR headsets not only include adjustable head gear for optimal comfort, but they also have built in speakers and microphones so team play is virtually flawless.

Controllers & Tutorials

Some games might require use of our new controllers. We focus on friendly user experience with tutorials available for first-timers or for those who need a refresher.

Virtual Features

Play on big screens for total entertainment or check out our vr thrill rides for the ultimate vr experience. With over 250+ games to choose from, there will never be a dull moment

Our Facility

Vibrant Environment

From all of our light up neon furniture, to our live band stage and showcased big screen, as soon as you enter VR Social your fun is transported to excitement and thrill.

Watch On Standby

Include your friends and family on your virtual playtime. Each VR station includes a tv to be able to watch and experience vicariously through the active player.

Snacks & Drinks

Our menu is jam-packed full of goodies, snacks and treats. Need pizza delivered? No problem. For our drinking friends out there, our fully stocked bar and beer tap is available for all your 21 and older friends.

Family-Owned & Operated

Support local business!

Robert and Karen are proud parents of three amazing children and have extenisve background in architecture and serial start-ups. Robert has always had a passion for VR and decided turn his family’s hobby into a business focused on delivering an out-of-this-world virtual reality experience to all of VR Social’s customers.

Family Focused

VR Social was built together with Robert and Karen and their children to provide a fun, family centered environment that everyone in the family can enjoy. All games are tested and approved by their three kids.

Total Transformation

Robert and Karen had a dream and have worked tirelessly to not only deliver an amazing virtual reality facility but also people centered customer service. Your enjoyment is their number one priority.

Community Centered

Community outreach is an important part of VR Social. Not only to bring friends and family together but to also help support local business. If you are interested in partnering with VR Social, please contact us here!

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